Monday, September 22, 2014

Major benefits of having a debt counselor

If you are in financial distress, having a debt counselor will be incredibly beneficial to you. The benefits of debt counseling are huge, because your debt counselor acts as a bridge between you and those who you owe money

Your debt counselor becomes a mediator between creditors and yourself. Debt counselor has the skill to negotiate on your behalf and also communicate with your creditor, on your behalf. In other words your debt counselor becomes a buffer between you and your creditors. Creditor deal with thousands of South Africans each day that are overly in debt. When they deal with debt counselors, most creditors become more open to negotiating payment plans. Creditors respect debt counselors, because debt counselors have professional negotiation skills.

Your own personal Financial Adviser

Most of us think that financial advisers are only for people who have money to invest. This isn’t true- the debt review process provides you with a financial adviser in the form of a debt counselor. Debt counselors will look at your finances. They will then custom design a payment plan for you. Your debt counselor becomes your personal financial adviser.

Reduced Interest

The most damaging thing about debt is the high interest that keeps accumulating. Interest is such a powerful things and people don’t realize just how damaging interest can be. Interest is the very reason why your finance has reached the point where you need to consider debt counseling. Your overall interest amount will reduce drastically because your debt counselor will structure your payment in such a way, that it priority the payment from high interest to low interest creditors.

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