Friday, December 19, 2014

Debt Counselling - An Easier Process to Cut Out Debt

Debt counselling is a constructive credit score managing solution to keep safe over-indebted people from credit score providers who often take legal actions to threaten their consumers without knowing the conditions of the consumers. If you are among over-indebted person, debt counselling from our experts can help you to meet your deadlines in a way that suits your financial condition and is acceptable by your credit scoreor.  Basically, this would offer benefits to you and also to your creditor. The foremost benefit for you is that you can have a manageable monthly payment on the other side there is benefit for your credit scoreor is that your credit scoreor does not have to waste money on expensive legal action.

Debt counseling is a lengthy process and usually it takes up many days to compute the total process. The bosting news is that , you will not work alone in the process. The law requires you to get help from debt counsellor. It is highly recommended that you use program from a qualified debt counsellor who works under the Nationwide credit score Authority. The debt counsellor will make a negotiation on a new recost plan with your credit scoreor on your behalf. The common apply is that the debt counsellor will conduct an assessment toward your financial condition immediately after you request for help.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Plan for your future - Debt Counselling

Debt in one’s life causes the problems in professional as well as personal life, it also reflects over to your family. There are millions of people who are struggling with debt problem. When debts begin to come out of control, the personal impact can be worse. Debt Counselling , not only looks at ways for controlling the debt, but it also aims to get to the crux of the problem by addressing the underlying causes and any resulting personal issues. Sometimes debt can come unexpectedly when life, as unpredictable as it is, takes a turn for the worst and presents expensive bills. The fact is that we live in a culture where things are costly and borrowing is easy. Getting out of debt requires some sacrifices and a lot of self discipline.
     Here at Pay Plan Solutions gives you a better way to come up with this Problem and Providing the Dept Help. Once the consumer has spoken to an associate, and after they have completed the consumer’s first free assessment, they will have a clear picture of how much the consumer needs to pay each month, and how long repayments will need to be made in order to get the consumer out of debt. The debt advice and first consultation are free and are designed to bring debt relief by reducing the very next creditor payments. So, the best debt solutions are there for a good repayment plan which will make more money available as a capital sum, with less being lost to interest and fees.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

How does the Debt Counselling process work?

 The term of the National Credit Regulator (NCR) you may officially implement to a debt Counsellor for debt consolidation if you are unable to meet your financial responsibilities under credit agreements each month. The debt Counsellor must assess if you are over-indebted. The process is as follows:

Step 1
 Provide information of your income, per month price range and debt responsibilities to the debt Counsellor. You will need copies of your pay slip, ID and the latest statements of all your financial obligations.
Step 2
The debt Counsellor will do an initial assessment to check if you are over-indebted and then arrange for a assessment with you. This could either be a experience to deal with or a telephone assessment.

Step 3
During the assessment, the debt Counsellor will confirm your budged and your existing debt responsibilities. A new price range will be agreed upon to determine the quantity available for debt pay back. At this stage the debt Counsellor will also offer you with information of all the costs involved, as well as an temporary debt pay back schedule.

Step 4
The debt Counsellor will contact all your Credit score Suppliers as well as the Credit score Agencies to confirm your financial obligations. You will also be listed on the Credit score Agencies as being under debt Guidance and the record will stay there until you have repaid your financial obligations in complete, only where after the record will be removed. The debt Counsellor will, where possible, negotiate the suggested debt pay back schedule with your Credit score Suppliers.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tips for getting out of economical debt – beginning today

If you are here to learn guidelines for getting out of economical debt – beginning nowadays – I’m glad you’re here!   It can be so important to have economical freedom!
My husband and I have learned to be much disciplined to live below our means, and because of this, we have been able to stay mostly debt-free (we still owe on our home loan, but we are going to pay our home loan off early … we’ve already started.)

Tips for getting out of debt

Step 1: Consider a single transaction for your debts. Certainly the best way to pay off your debts is with a single transaction. If you can find the money to pay off all your debts, you’ll get back on solid economical ground quickly and without investing additional attention.

Step 2: Consider investing off the bank credit cards with the biggest attention amount first.  You’ll want to pay as much as you can to that account and then send the lowest transaction due to each of the other records.

Step 3: Then begin investing off others. When you’ve paid off one credit card, start investing on the credit cards with the next maximum attention amount. Focusing on one credit cards at a time gives you clear economical targets, minimizes your attention expense, and creates a sense of satisfaction.  

Step 4: Consider a house economical loan to pay off bank credit cards. If available, you can use a house economical loan to pay off debts. The attention on hel-home value economical loans is typically reduced than bank credit cards prices and can be tax deductible. This can be an effective repayment technique if you can handle it with discipline. However, these economical loans can be as easy to abuse as bank credit cards, particularly if you have a history of credit score. Also, you run the risk of investing down the house economical loan simultaneously you’re running up more economical debt on your newly cleared bank credit cards. Remember, your house economical loan, unlike bank credit cards, will be secured by a lien on your house. If you can’t payout your loan, you’ll be in default, and the lender can foreclose on your house.

Step 5: A less aggressive way to pay off your economical debts are to exchange your balances to lower-rate records. Known as bank credit cards surfing, this technique works until you run out of lower-interest opportunities. However, it does allow you to reduce attention fees and pay more against your existing stability.  In other words, you are transferring all of your economical debt from one bank credit cards with a high-interest amount to NEW bank credit cards with low or no attention amount 

Step 6: Control new investing. It’s always best to control new investing and pay more than the required lowest transaction whenever possible. Invariably, these cover little more than the finance charges. You continue to carry the bulk of your stability forward for many years without actually reducing that stability. Ideally, charging only what you can afford to pay off each month gives you the best benefits of bank credit cards and few of the drawbacks.  Or better yet- DON’T USE YOUR CREDIT CARD AT ALL!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Let Rescue your Debt

The major proportion of our client go through debt mediation, this is the most low-cost and easy process that eliminates. It also enables the client to recover credit worthiness far earlier, and start off afresh. We recommend that regardless of the process that you are considering, it is advisable to discuss the process that is best option for you.
We acknowledge that the above NCR act provides a legislated remedy for over indebted consumers but we wish to bring to your attention the fact that debt review that a consumer explore alternate debt relief mechanisms.Debt review is a voluntary payment arrangement to pay their account. It is the responsibility to all credit providers to act in good faith in the Debt review process all negotiations should be designed to result in a responsible debt re-arrangements plan for their client.


Pay plan solutions has indicated distressed consumers normally use our services for an average period of 6 months before they terminate with us and continue making the normal payments direct with their credit providers. Our fees are built into the payment process and you never have to pay anything up front. This offer immediate relief to you, the client, where we can sometimes reduce your payments up to 40% of the original total.

Credit Report

There are several credit references agencies in South Africa, the two best known credit reference agencies are Pay plan solutions and My Financial Help. You can access your credit file from them by clicking on this name. For more information contact us: 0215540708

Monday, October 27, 2014

Debt Counselling Agencies in South Africa

Debt counselling agencies in South Africa provide a range of services for people in financial difficulty. One of the best services they offer is help with discovering the best way to pay off your debts through managing debts program. A debt management program is designed to help you to pay off your debt.

Creditor usually agrees to cooperate in putting your debt management to plan to work. In some cases, your creditor may agree to reduce or eliminate the interest rate and/or fees on your debts. It is important to understand that not all types of debt are covered by this type of program. For example, secured debts (those guaranteed with an asset, like a car loan or a mortgage) are generally not covered because the asset that secure the loan can be repossessed by the creditor if you don’t make the required payments. Make sure that any debt counselor explains exactly which of your debts.

Your creditor may help you reduce your debt by giving you a lower interest rate-which will save your money. But the agency may charge you for its services. The services that debt counseling agencies offer can vary greatly and so can the costs.

The Pay plan Solutions aims to help you manage your money better and make informed choices. Check to help you make the most of your money and provides a personalized action plan. Debt counseling services are established by NCR 2005 for helping the people who are difficult to manage finance.

If you are having difficulties to manage your debts, contact a debt counselor as soon as possible. They can help you come up with a plan to sort out your money problems. Free phone helpline and online resource providing confidential advice on how to deal with debt problems. Tel: 0861 626 859

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dealing With Challenges of Debt

Do you ever wake up at night worried about the financial setbacks and conflicts that you’re having with your creditors? If you are in debt, you should be working to clear all indebtedness during the year. There are lots of debt solutions available- which one is comfortable for you it depends on your circumstances.

Only knowing how much you owe and how much you earn is not enough for get out of debt. You must learn how to less the amount, stop buying on credit, eventually you will be debt free. Otherwise, debt counseling services are available, but may be different from province to province. Contact with Debt counseling company to find out how to get in touch with such a services. If you have difficulty making a budget and sticking to it, counselling may help you.

The Get out of debt! Series contain all of elements you need to consider to get out of debt and improve your financial well-being. Excessive spending is the primary cause. It has become as addictive as alcohol or drugs in this South Africa. In most cases, short term fixes won’t make their debt problem disappear. To determine if you have a problem, check the following warning steps. 

Ø Always juggling payments or stalling one creditor to pay another.
Ø Charging more each month than you make in debt payments and having more than five credit cards.
Ø Always running out of money before payday and bouncing checks on a recurring basis.
Ø Paying the bare minimum allowed on your debt (e.g., Credit cards) every month.

Debt counseling company can offer you help and advice to help you priorities and deal with your debt and stay on track. And also offer the budget planner that cans you use. Call the National helpline on Tel-0215540708 for free confidential advice on the financial help available