Thursday, February 27, 2014

How can debt counsellor help or handle your situation?

Debt counselling was introduced by National Credit Act (NCA) in 2007.Debt counselling is designed to provide the debt help related to over-debted consumers with an alternative to the traditional remedy for non-payment on your debt. It is a consensual restricted repayment plan which serves as a debt help mechanism for the consumer. It provides debt services for the consumer’s existing debt commitments. Debt counselling has the ability to lower interest rates, thereby as long as very real debt relief.

Debtcounselling is for consumer who is employed, who have integrity to pay their creditors on a monthly basis and who have a desire to help they get out of their financial stress- you need to be willing to make cuts and allowances, to accommodate a new lifestyle. Here is debt counsellor can provide you with invaluable assistance if you are struggling with the debt. If you are experiencing financial difficulties it helps to have the advice of an experienced and calm advisor. Debt counsellor assists you with your situation and discusses the options available to you. Debt counsellor are generally trained and certified financial experts that can give you guidance’s in the issue of :

·         Debt Management
·         Debt Elimination
·         Debt negotiation
·         Debt agreements

A debt counsellor is a well trained professional but more important they are able to handle each situation and provide you with suitable solid advices to assist you. They can understand the difficulties of debt management and can help with whatever personal situation has led to your financial problems. They can look at your financial position and create a simple plan for you to follow. They may help keep you motivated and provide you best stragies related to your problem. Debt counsellor are versatile and can assist you through a huge number of scenarios and help you budget your way out of debt effectively. When it comes to debt it is improved to have a professional help you than to tackle the problem by yourself.

Monday, February 17, 2014

DEBT COUNSELLING| Debt Management | Debt consolidation

 Debt counseling is the process where any one hands over all of your financial information to a qualified, experience and professional debt counsellor. The debt counsellor purpose is: It’s aimed at putting all of financial information under review, in order to reorganize your debt in such a way that becomes convenient and comfortable.


The debt management allows you to make one low monthly payment to cover all your debt. You are feeling free from stress and can save enough money on fees and interest, too. Debt management program involves your unsecured debt, which may include you’re: credit card, loans or any other type of debt that doesn’t require collateral.

Ø A lower transaction monthly your creditors agree to .
Ø Simple, monthly fund transactions by phone financial, credit card, or money order.
Ø Placement of your sources in a secured (insured) believes in account.
Ø Timely, computerized costs to creditors, with full tracking


Debt consolidation can seem like an ideal solution if you’re struggling with all the organization. Debt consolidation is the process of folding a number of different debts into a single loan or credit card, often with a lower overall interest rate. The merits of debt consolidation are the potential for savings on your monthly repayments and overall interest. Many people choose to use their loan for debt consolidation because it offers a very low interest rate.

Ø Debt consolidation is effective if you take a disciplined approach to repaying the new debt.
Ø There is an comprehensive choice of financial loan options or balance transfer deals that can help, you can website.

Ø Using a mortgage financial loan to negotiate cost-effective responsibilities could turn short-term cost-effective responsibilities into a resilient one.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Debt review in South Africa

Debtreview is not a way to run away from debt. It is the way to save face the debt. Under it a consumer may not occur any new debts and will be refused if they inquire. Debt counsellor are there to advice consumer who may have been able to maintain payment in the past, but are finding it difficult to keep up with current inflation rates  and declining salaries in comparison. Debt review is a process which consuming time and it can take years to pay off the debt.

a) You borrow money to pay other debts
 b) You use your credit card and/or overdraft to buy food and other necessities
c) You skip payments on some accounts in order to pay other accounts.

d) You receive letters of demand from lawyers and credit providers
e) You have judgments against you

There are many companies in Cape Town and when it comes to selecting the correct one for your needs it is a tough choice. In debt consumer feel stressful and frightening situation. Therefore when selecting the debt review company, there are certain factors that consumer can look out. The most important organization that a debt review company in Cape town is responsible  to is the National Credit Regulartor(NCR).  No debt counsellor may own or operate a debt review company in Cape Town without being registered with the NCR. Financial debt guidance will help customer decreases these transaction by discussing with lenders.  As long as a customer has an earnings.