Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Impact of Credit Crunch

Dealing with Credit Crunch
Unfortunately, unaffordable lifestyles and unwise decisions are reasons to slide into debt. Sometimes debt come unexpectedly when life takes a turn for the worst expensive bills. People with debt often feel ashamed and scared for their future. The threat of a court summoning can throw up all problems with relationship, work performance and even mental health. Whilst debt counselling services are useful for sorting out the paperwork and practicalities of debt, but it also aims to get to the crux of the problem by underlying the causes and any resulting personal issues. You may be encouraged by your debt counselor to think about how you get into debt in the first place and Is there anything about yourself and your life you need to change? How can you escape yourself from repeating these mistakes and how can you plan for a happier life?

The purpose of debt review is to achieve a voluntary debt re-arrangement or a debt re-arrangement by the Magistrate’s Court. The role of debt counselor does not end in itself but part of an on-going process. The notice of termination of the debt review is not required to be given to the Magistrate’s Court but only to the consumer, debt counselor and NCR, the proceedings are governed by the rules of Magistrates’ Courts which makes adequate provision for the service of process and notices.   

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