Monday, May 19, 2014

Debt, Depression and Addiction

Debt, depression and addiction can create a triad of destruction. Any one of these inter-related problems can cause or contribute to the other two, and the three together are often mutually reinforcing having these problem can create a continuous downward spiral. Debt can contribute to depression, which can then lead addiction as people seek relief. Inversely depression may contribute to or be a result of addiction; addiction often leads to financial instability which may include credit cards debt.

How to treat debt, depression and addiction
Depression and addiction often go together. Depression is major risk factor for addiction, and is also a very common side effect of addiction. Addiction and depression are both debilitating and possibly dangerous conditions that require professional treatment. 

Treating the behavioral elements of addiction without treating any underlying causes may alter addictive behavior for a while, but this leaves the recovering addict extremely susceptible to relapse, especially when events trigger depressive episodes. Therapy that treats addiction along with co-occurring disorders is integrated treatment. This offers a much greater chance of a successful recovery from both the addiction and the depression.

Finally, once a person is sober and has been treated for depression, she is much more likely to put the situation in perspective. She will see a way out of debt and will have the energy to recover.

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