Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Debt Review process was also implement in order to make sure that debt counselor follow strict and right guidelines when assisting clients with gaining their financial well-being. When you are under debt review you are protected from annoying creditors and debt collectors. Once your debt review relevance is approved by your debt counselor, your creditors will be well-versed that they have to contact your debt counsellor directly. Debt review is a useful method of assisting over indebted consumers to find a way out of their debt trap and we are able to assist most over indebted clients with this option. However depending on a person’s circumstances the option of intentional confiscation may be a better option. The main advantage of a voluntary surrender of an estate is that a person’s debts are effectively “written off” and they can start building a new estate without carrying these debts with them. The debt review has certain similarities to an administration order but one of its main advantages is that an administration order can only be used should the total debt that are due and payable by the creditor be an amount of R50,000.00 or less. There is no such limit for a debt review

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